Bruce Scott

Sadly Bruce passed away on the 21st May. 

Our thoughts go out to his family and all the people he has connected with throughout his lifetime. 

He will be sadly missed.

Bruce Scott, Ph.D. (MFT), is a writer, (Being Real: An Ongoing Decision, and Free The Children),  a father, psychotherapist, teacher, storyteller and national workshop facilitator.  He has worked among Native Americans and within African American, Hispanic and white communities.  His extensive experience with families, children, school systems and a variety of relationships as well as large group and relationship facilitation skills, have taken him around the country as a lecturer, group facilitator, therapist wanderer and writer.

Bruce has been a university instructor, community organizer, and a teacher of conflict resolution skills.   He has worked with a variety of social service and mental health agencies, applying the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, Arnold Mindell, Dan Millman, Taisha Abelar, his now 19-year-old year old son, and himself.

Being with Native Americans, he learned that everything in life is about relationship – that discipline is an internal process rather than one imposed by others – that he must first live out and apply in his own life what he suggests to others.  He has come to find that dreams and physical symptoms are a real, practical and direct source of information and are not incidental to our lives.

 His primary intent as a teacher, student, parent, facilitator, therapist, writer and friend is to encourage the inherent clear voice of children, adults and himself to stand for everyone, seeing through the eyes of others, even finding the third side.  He recognizes that behind each conflict, disconnect, diagnosis or so-called addiction is a creative process wanting to happen. 


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