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Free the Children
     ‘Free the Children’ RRP:$14.95

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Free the Children is a true adventure love story, intended to bring the adult mind into the adult heart, to soften, to slow down, allowing room for mutual honesty, respect and authentic hearing of the children in our lives. The events and people within this story may bring you home inside, encountering in surprising ways what “we” ourselves might have asked for as children if we’d been truly heard, acknowledged and “seen” by the adults in our lives. There is no blame in this story. This is not a how-to book on parenting. It is about relationship and what is possible now, in the midst of a rapidly changing world. There are no artificial boundaries of religion, nation, race, culture, gender or age. The only boundary is how your body rests with what you hear and feel inside yourself as you read.

“I don’t need you to be with me,” his young son said one day. “I need you to
be with yourself. When you are with yourself, you are with me.”

“Bruce Scott breathes fresh air into our understanding of children. He has written a profoundly personal, practical, and dreamlike book with a global message.”

Arnold Mindell, author of the Shaman’s body and Deep Democracy of Open Forums

Bruce Scott Being Real

  ‘Being Real’ RRP $14.95

Buy direct from Bruce Scott for the special price of $11.95 plus $4.00 postage and handling.


Being Real is ultimately a true tender love story though not about romantic love.  Scott learns that the simplest way out of the trance of emotional entanglement and social beliefs is to soften the heart in every situation.  In so doing, he risks his reputation and his sense of self-importance.  He learns to face fear and to use it as a stepping stone instead of an obstacle.

When a young man, labeled as a schizophrenic,  in Taos , New Mexico comes to Bruce for therapy ,  it is Bruce whose life is profoundly and forever altered.  The author learns that there is no such thing as abnormal, only unfamiliar, and he begins to free himself of judgement, blame need to label anyone. The young man reveals to the author in a whisper, “Somethings are to delicate to be said out loud.”

In choosing to be real, readers will be afraid and free and will welcome both emotions.


“Bruce Scott’s Being Real gives directions about stepping out of what Don Juan called ‘Phantomhood’. It is fun reading and gets right to the point, use your awareness and discover reality.”

 Arnold Mindell, author of Shaman’s body and Deep Democracy of Open Forums


“When you stand for what you believe, this is the ground beneath you feet. This is the common ground of being as the context for our daily life.

A must for all seekers.”

 Ondrea and Stephen Levine, authors of Who dies? and embracing the Beloved


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